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Everyone grows naturally, but with a splash of Transitionstudio, it goes faster

Transitionstudio helps people, teams, and organizations get the most out of themselves.

We’re all about potential.


Do you have a team and want to...

Are you an employee, individual or freelancer and want to...

It's all possible!

Despite what consultancy firms might make you believe, this doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, it’s quite simple.

And can be achieved sustainably in a very short time.

We are here for:

You! Choose below who you are, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

Hi, we are Jan Jacob Stam and Dees van de Hoef.

We can hardly stand to see people, teams and organizations not reaching their potential. Such a waste!

Like a plant with the potential for beautifully blooming flowers that never blooms.

We believe that everyone has a desire to bloom. And an inner knowing of how to do so.

That blooming is what we call your potential. We help you find your way back – or better forward – to your potential.

Want to know how we help you do this?

Our (course) offerings come in three flavors:

Online surveys

Do you have a specific issue?

By filling out our surveys by yourself, your team, or your organization, you will quickly see where the energy in your ‘system’ is stuck and what steps you can take to get it flowing again.

There is nothing like it on the web.

Our surveys are unique because they draw out the answers that are already within you (or your team).


Our programs range from accessible 1-day workshops to multi-day intensives.

In a 1-day program, you always gain hands-on and directly applicable experience with systemic work.

The multi-day intensives are aptly named. Think of it like scuba diving, searching for pearls. Want to dive in with us?

In all our programs, you’ll go home with a well-filled backpack.

Check the agenda for current offerings.

Team guidance & coaching

Our team guidance is always custom and is often preceded by a targeted survey for your entire team.

Expect short sessions of no more than 1 or 2 half-days, giving your team impulses to move forward significantly.

With our coaching, you’ll get insights and solutions.

Unique is that these are usually one-time or at most a few sessions, after which you have your own insights to take action or let go.

How we differ from other coaches and consulting firms

Anca Biris Sawastyanowicz

Systemic coach in Paris, France

“I knew it will be magical. But never imagined to live what we lived. What amazing souls I’ve met in this group. I bow and am very humble to the power and grace of this woman, Dees van de Hoef ,who made everything possible by holding space for ALL of us. And I am tremendously grateful for Jan Jacob Stam openness and authenticity felt while teaching through 40 years of his work. What is not loved doesn’t have a chance. What stands in the way of not transforming? Parts, patterns, hidden loyalty, undigested past are a few options. You don’t have to like it, yet you need to love it so that it has a chance. My heart is now wide open.”

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Disclaimer 🙂

We are down-to-earth Groningers (from the northern part of the Netherlands), so:

Does this sound like music to your ears? Then we’re a match.

Feel free to contact us for a short Zoom call and we’ll advise you right away on how we can help you best and fastest.

About Transitionstudio:

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