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Surveys are unique, custom-developed digital questionnaires. 

By completing them individually, as a team, or as an organization, you will quickly gain clarity on where the energy in your system is getting stuck and what steps you can take to get it flowing again.

We offer surveys for both individuals and teams/organizations

On this page, you can find our full range of (course)offerings.


Personal surveys

There are two types of surveys: the freelance survey and the ‘me, my work and my potential.’

By completing a survey, you will quickly gain clarity on where the energy in your system is getting stuck and what steps you can take to get it flowing again.

Team survey

The team survey is a unique, custom-developed digital questionnaire. By completing it as a team or organization, you’ll quickly gain clear insights into where the energy in the system is stuck and what steps can be taken to get it flowing again.



Use a survey when you feel there is more potential to be tapped into, whether it’s your own potential, that of your team, or your organization.

Absolutely. Transitionstudio also supports external team coaches, HR partners and consultants to get a clear picture of a team and make the invisible undercurrent visible. We provide insights and suggestions for next steps to better utilize team potential.

The survey is currently available in Dutch, English, Spanish, and Latvian, with more languages to follow.

Privacy is taken very seriously and is guaranteed. We have a comprehensive privacy policy. In short, we respect the privacy of each team member, each team, and each organization. Results are only shared with the relevant team, on a team level. Not on individual level.


If you want more insight into where you currently stand professionally and what potential might still be undiscovered. This survey provides you with self-insights. Optionally, you can follow up with personal coaching.

This survey is for any freelancer who wants more insight into their situation and potential. Although being self-employed can seem ideal, in practice, freelancers sometimes feel trapped, held back, or restricted from realizing their full potential. Optionally, you can follow up with personal coaching.

Use a team survey when there is a sense that a team is not performing optimally. For example, questions around high absenteeism, high staff turnover, ongoing problems in a team, an unfilled vacancy, or strained relationships with managers and team members. A team survey is also suitable if a team knows what it wants but cannot seem to achieve it.

Team Surveys

Transitionstudio surveys are systemic and look at the whole picture and the undercurrent, not just symptoms. If the solutions were obvious, they would have already been found and resolved. We look for what in the system can bring about positive change.

Unlike other online tools, our surveys do not work with checkboxes, 1-to-5 scores, or yes-no questions. Our surveys are very intuitive and use colors, sliders, and images, providing highly accurate results.

Because you want your team to better utilize its capabilities, perform better and collaborate more effectively. The survey helps identify areas for improvement.

No, the survey is useful when you think a team is not yet functioning optimally, even if there is no clear of well-defined problem.

Think of clear issues around staff turnover, ineffective meetings or just a gut feeling that “more is possible than what we are currently achieving.”

Absolute clarity on where the team stands, the causes of frustration, and suggestions for steps towards greater potential.

On average, the process takes a week, from filling out the survey to feedback and forward-looking in an (online) team session. Participants have enough time to complete the survey, and customized arrangements are always possible.

Here is an example of a team survey week:

  • Day 1: Participants receive an email with their personal username and password.
  • Days 2-5: Participants fill out the survey at a time of their choosing using the online tool.
  • Days 6-7: Transitionstudio analyzes the results, processes them into a team result and prepares interventions.
  • Day 7+:Online team meeting with feedback and feedforward.

The time investment per participant is approximately 90 minutes. All team members complete the modules individually at their convenience within two days. The surveys do not need to be completed in one go; you can save your progress and log back in later.

In total, about 3 hours per participant (max. 1.5 hours for completing the survey and another 1.5 hours for attending the team session where the results are reviewed).

The survey consists of 6 online modules:

  1. Me in my work and in my team
  2. Patterns
  3. Team as a whole: team qualities
  4. Team roles
  5. Energy meter: where I am and where I want to be
  6. Direct questions

We examine how the team currently functions in relation to what is possible, but not yet happening. We look at unconscious patterns and qualities that help or hinder the team and untapped potential that can lead to new opportunities and greater success. Importantly, we always look at the team as a whole and never single out individuals.

Yes, we highly value safety and anonymity. We always look at the team as a whole, and team results will never include the names of individual team members.

Once each team member has completed the survey, we analyze all the incoming data and create a comprehensive picture of the team. In an online or live team meeting of about one and a half hours, we provide in-depth and accurate feedback on the results. The session includes:

  • A summary of the team’s current state in 6-8 highlights.
  • Key insights on what the system needs to fully realize its potential, summarized in about 4 highlights.
  • Discussion on how the results, insights, and outlook are received by the team.
  • Conversation and initiation of new movement within the team.

Our experience shows that an incubation period is often needed after a session. How long this will take varies by team. We always follow up to check on progress.

There are two options:

  1. With new insights and steps to take, you can continue on your own if you have a clear vision of what needs to be done.
  2. Most teams request another session after some time to deepen the work, explore further and receive guidance. This is always customized and done in consultation, often involving ongoing collaboration and needed interventions.

There is no obligation, but it can be very beneficial if you want to measure the team’s development.

Personal investment: a curious, open attitude and a willingness to see, feel and experience what lies beneath your question.

Financial investment: €1,800 per team, plus €50 per individual team member, excluding VAT.

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