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"Take some time to marinate in the world of potential."

Feel free to browse through our blogs, podcasts, and self-shot videos about systemic work. They always arise from spontaneous impulses in the moment. It doesn’t get more authentic than this.

About inclusiveness

Inclusiveness seems to be a hype. But what is actually happening with inclusiveness? When I include you and your values and your world, this means that your system and my

What do I want to become when I grow up?

Transition Studio is expanding. What do I want to become when I grow up? I still ask myself this question from time to time, even now at seventy. As a

How does a leader go from a fresh start to a jump-start?

“Congratulations on your new job” and “we’ll miss you.” You might have heard these yourself when you left a position and started something new as a leader. Often, there’s some

Push and Pull

When I (Jan Jacob) think of Push and Pull, I’m immediately reminded of poesjmepoeljoe, a kind of animal with a head and body facing one direction and another head and

Podcast with Jan Jacob Stam about Systemic Work in Teams

In the first episode of the Dutch podcast series “Systemic Team Coach,” Jan Jacob Stam shares his experiences with systemic work in teams, offering stories from real-life practice. What makes

Growing Beyond the Pattern

This tree shows us how to do it: grow beyond a pattern. And why would you want to grow beyond a pattern? Sometimes, over time, patterns are no longer helpful

What are Interventions?

From a systemic perspective, interventions are ‘something’, an action that you, as a professional, perform from outside, within a system. The effect of successful interventions is that your client, coachee,

Why is nothing happening again???

Some time ago, I worked with a colleague on a healthcare team. Despite the best efforts of the manager and the agreements made, nothing led to any significant changes. Slowly
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