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Come fly with us

You could read about Dees and you could read about Jan Jacob, but what about them as a team? Remember: the whole behaves differently than the sum of the parts.  

In order to describe us as a team we need a little detour and some personal information. Both Dees and Jan Jacob are pilots. Dees flew and flies hangliders, single engine airplanes and paragliders. Jan Jacob flies just paragliders, but that for 34 years now. We love flying together. Dees is a bit more courageous and Jan Jacob has some more strategic experience.

Photo: Dees and Jan Jacob after a flight that many people thought was difficult or even impossible. 

One or two steps ahead

With paragliding we want to have nice flights, long flights, flights into unknown terrain but most of all safe flights, as far as that’s possible in our sport.

Actually, it’s not a sport for us, but a way of living. In the air we work with forces you can’t see directly. Just like in our systemic work. What you can’t see, rules. We can’t see thermals that bring us up to the clouds, but we use our sensitivity to find where they are. And our knowledge of flow in the air and flow around mountains.

By going up in a thermal we zoom out. We get an overview over the landscape. Not only the path we want to fly, but also the larger context which influences our track and next step. Just like our work in teams. We usually plan only one or two steps, or call it thermals, ahead. 

Sometimes we reach an area of sink, all the air goes down, so do we, if we are not careful. When one of us is in a sink-area, the other flies a little to the side in order to find a potential trigger for a next thermal. We do the same when we work in teams, and this also explains why we love to work together. We really feel like being more then the sum of the both of us.

Doing things for the first time

Our programs are the same. A next version is never the same as the previous one, because we learn by flying together with you and apply that a next time. And with every group the ‘weather’ is different so we adjust.  

And for our participants, we know what it means to do things for the first time, for example an intervention. We know how it feels when the weather gets rough like encountering resistance, cynicism and distrust or even trauma. Dees and I all experienced this also ourselves.

We know the difference between rational and irrational fear. We know where hidden thermals, call it potential, in you, our participants is waiting to be unlocked.  

The skies and the weather are nonjudgmental. The forces are strong and we are just tiny entities in this universe of air, clouds and winds. When we respect these forces and work wíth them we can make beautiful flights. And yoú can make beautiful flights.  

So if you want, come fly with us!

Fly with us in our programs, with your team, organisation or exploring your individual questions of life 

June 30, 2024 ~ The Alps ~ Dees and Jan Jacob

Mariana Blanco

Systemic organisational advisor / systemic leadership, The Netherlands

“Dees and Jan Jacob created a safe space where it was possible to connect to my essence, to the group and to the beautiful and powerful environment at the location. They guide me through the eye of the needle to find a new (real) identity with genuine love, fun and lightness. Of course I learned a lot, but above that, I lived an adventure process that I will be forever grateful for. The insights gained there became my leading principles for life and pointed me in the right direction business wise. Movements of Transformation was a life changing experience for me.”

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